Tobias Weihrauch


Universitätsstraße 12
D-45127 Essen

Phone: N/A

Office hours: by appointment
Room: R12 V04 D82

Research Fields

  • Political Philosophy (Global Justice/Democracy)
  • Social Philosophy (Hegel/Marx)
  • Critical Theory (Theories of Recognition/ Immanent Critique)
  • Action Theory (Collective Intentionality, Social Ontology)
  • Postcolonialism (Importance of Historical Injustices, Theories of Responsibility)

Short CV

Tobias Weihrauch works as Graduate Assistant, Tutor and Lecturer at University Duisburg-Essen since April 2015. He studied Philosophy, English Literature and Social Sciences and completed his studies with a theses on “Immanent critique as normative reconstruction. A methodological investigation on the possibility of philosophical social criticism according to Axel Honneth’s idea of normative reconstruction.” He currently works on the social and political implications of social ontology and collective intentionality.